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The Cars Drive In Gallery is a reference website for all Cars 1:55 scale diecast released to date and those scheduled for release. By clicking on each character thumbnail below, you will be redirected to a separate page that contains info about that character, screen shots from the movie, descriptions of each diecast model released of that character, and images of all packaging variations of the diecast product. This reference guide only pertains to US released product unless a character was released in a unique International only packaging. There are also pages dedicated to various landmarks and locations seen throughout Cars which also includes info, movie screen shots, and any playset descriptions that are related to that location or landmark. The diecast reference pages would not have been possible without the assistance of Dean Moser (couldn't have been done without your reference pictures), Daniel Chalk (thanks for the graphics and layout help, you've helped me more than you know), Richard Robbins, Dominic Pereyo (a huge thanks to you for all of your artwork), (thanks for the use of a lot of your information), John Beatty (thanks for your great hauler artwork), Matt Champion (thanks for your great hauler artwork), KC over at Take Five A Day (thanks for the shared information), Traver at Children's Toy Closet (thanks for the shared information), casadellatires500 (thank you for contributing the pictures I need), Tyler the Eleete1 with son Braden (for allowing me to photograph your Loose Cars 1 and Cars 2 collection),  and to the members of  TakeFiveaDay and Cars the Toys website. The website will be continually updated as more diecast product is released so be sure to add it to your bookmarks and check back often or you can also join the Cars Drive In Gallery email list by clicking on the subscribe button at the bottom of the page and entering your email address. If you would like to make a donation to the site to help it stay up and running, simply click on the "Make a Donation" icon at the bottom of the page.




This site will be updated as more Disney/Pixar diecast cars are released. Please check back often.
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2006 Disney/Pixar, Disney/Pixar elements Disney/Pixar, not including underlying vehicles owned by third parties; Dodge; Hudson HornetTM; Volkswagen AG; H-1 Hummer; Model TTM; FiatTM; Mack; Mazda Miata; Kenworth; Chevrolet; Peterbilt; Porsche; Jeep; MercuryTM; Plymouth SuperbirdTM; Cadillac Coupe DeVille; Ferrari; FairlaneTM; Petty; Sarge's rank insignia design used with the approval of the U.S. Army; Inspired by the Cadillac Ranch by Ant Farm (Lord, Michels and Marquez) 1974