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Trump Meets Statue of Liberty

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Anti-G.O.P. Taglines
The Ballad of George W. Bush
The Battle Hymn of the Republican
Boy Scouts Update Merit Badges for Republicans
Bush Inaugural 2005: Calendar of Events
Bush Pre-Inaugural 2005 Checklist
Bush's 2005 State of the Union Address - FILTERED!
Cheney At The Bat
CNN Additional 2004 Election Statistics
Coming G.O.P. Attractions
Conservatives' Movie Hall of Fame
The Conservative's Prayer (Psalm of Rush)
Coulter Challenges Iranian Pres. to Insane Comment Contest
A Day In The Life Of A Republican
Dictionary of Republicanisms
NEW  Donald Trump Jokes
Don Rumsfeld's "A Not-So-Wonderful Life"
Dubya Presidential Library Exhibits Announced
50 Silly Republican/Conservative Quotes
The 1st Annual Ditto-Head Convention - Press Release
NEW  40 Donald Trump Nicknames
41 Ways to Describe George W. Bush
GOP Goes to Court to Change Their Name
GW Bush Elected Pope! - Diebold Credited
George W. Bush's Resume
A Homeland Security Self-Exam
How To Debate a Conservative: A Guide For Today's Democrats
How To Debate a Liberal: A Guide For Today's Republicans
Letterman Top 10 Lists (Bush Sr./Quayle/Reagan)
NBC Launches "To Catch a Senator"
New Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors For Bush
New Disease: Gonorrhea Lectim
New Drink: The Romney
New Republican-controlled PBS Schedule
New Republican Oath of Office
Possible Bush/Cheney '04 Bumperstickers
Republican/Conservative Chickenhawk Hall of Infamy
Republican/Conservative Light Bulb Jokes
The Republican Dictionary
Republicans Apologize to Top 1.5 Per Cent
The Rules of Conservative Correctness
Rush Limbaugh's 18 Rules of Talk Radio Bombast
Sarah Palin's "Lost" Concession Speech
Sarah Palin TV Pitches That Didn't Make It
Scott McClellan Press Conference 7/13/05 (Not satire)
Signs Your Friends May Be Turning Libertarian
The Ten Commandments - Republican-Style
33 Anti-Conservative Quotes
2004 RNC Convention Schedule
2004 RNC Convention Schedule (Rev.)
2004 RNC Convention Schedule (2nd Rev.)
The 20 Rules of Conservatives: Masters of their own Domain!
21 Rules For Being A Good Republican
US Postal Service Issues GW Bush Commemorative Stamp
A Week In The Life of Pres. George W. Bush
You Know You're a Teabagger When...
You Might Be a Republican Supporter If...

Classic Joke Files

A collection of classic jokes gathered online from 1991-present.

Advice for Husbands About Aging Wives
Attorney's Xmas Greeting
Culturally Sensitive Exam
Dating Translations
Famous Last Words
Hollywood Squares Jokes
IRS To All Male Taxpayers
JESUS and ELVIS: Coincidence, or Cosmic Plan?
How To Read Between the Lines in Job Ads
Make Money Fast Parody
Ode To a Fart
Permission To Date My Daughter Form
Pillsbury Doughboy & Other Funny Obituaries
The Psychiatric Hotline
Road Kill Cafe Menu
Rodney Dangerfield Routine
The Rules of Bedroom Golf
Terrorism Awareness Training
Top 25 Country Song Titles
Trial Lawyer's Greeting
What a Woman Wants In A Man at Ages 22 Through 72
What Your Dr. Says/Means
Why Beer Is Better Than Women

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