Patient Testimonials

Hi! My name is Pam and I am a teacher’s assistant in the Warren County school system. I felt that more people should know that there is genuine help to be had if you are suffering from pain or health problems. When I was seven months old my skull was fractured. I have had terrible migraine headaches for 30 years since I was 12 years old. I had trouble with allergies, neck pain, back pain, tension, and sinus problems. If I was in the same house with a cat my lungs would literally close up on me. For the last 30 years I have tried everything medicine had to offer for my headaches. I had x-rays and MRIs of my head.  I tried all kinds of different medications. Some of the possible side effects were often more serious than the pain I was having. I have had 13 laser surgeries on my sinuses. I tried allergy shots twice a week for years. Many days were just a struggle to get through the day. There have been so many days I have gone to work with a horrible headache. If I stayed home every time I had a migraine, I would either have little or no paycheck or I’d be fired from my job. My best friend recommended that I go give Dr. Hurst a try because he had done wonders for her. I am so grateful and thankful that she did. I am happier since I went to him. I feel better. I am waking up now with much fewer headaches. I can now look forward to a day instead of struggling to make it through. He also removed my severe allergy to cats so that my cat can lay in my lap now. Thank you, Dr. Hurst, for your dedication, compassion, and for helping me to have a much better life.
Pam Welch   McMinnville, TN  10-18-05


About four years ago I was involved in a horse back riding accident. Because I was not wearing a helmet, I suffered a fractured skull, a subdural hemorrhage, a busted eardrum, and paralysis in the left side of my face and neck. I could not whistle, blink, chew or walk. Within the next few months many of my motor skills returned, but doctors informed me that the paralysis was possibly permanent unless I had surgery. They acted like I was insane, but they said I was “illogical” for refusing surgery. Instead I chose chiropractic. Dr Hurst showed me how much chiropractic can help the body to heal itself, given the right nutrients and spinal adjustments. Most people who learn of my accident would never have guessed that my face ever looked like that. I didn’t think I would ever be the same, but with God and Dr. Hurst’s help, I am better than ever. With the immense physical activity that karate requires, I also find myself occasionally needing an adjustment. Dr. Hurst keeps me aligned so that I can perform at my best while in the karate dojo. 
Amy Lawrence
(Age 24)  McMinnville, TN   11-18-05


I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I have had osteoarthritis for years and was in chronic pain from that alone. But when I was involved in a car accident and suffered a whiplash plus an injured back and legs, the pain was unbearable. I went to my medical doctor for help. I was put on two celebrex a day. It was enough to relieve a lot of the pain, but I needed to get off of it because it was causing internal bleeding. I was on muscle relaxers and strong pain medication daily which made me so tired all the time that I could not function. I went to a pain clinic where they tested my back and they said my entire back was inflamed, so they gave me trigger point injections. It didn’t help any so the doctor sent me to physical therapy for one month. This also didn’t help any. The pain I was in was very debilitating. I could not do the things I ordinarily do. I also suffered from acid reflux. Finally, my medical doctor sent me to Dr. Hurst and it was not long before I was able to gradually get off of my pain medication. Dr. Hurst also found that my acid reflux was being caused by a hiatal hernia which he corrected and showed me how I could correct it at home.   I feel 80% better than I did before and the remaining pain I feel is due to my arthritis. I thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I feel like you and God have given me my life back. God bless you.
Virgie Withrow (Age 46)  Sparta, TN  11-18-05


When I first came to Dr. Hurst, I knew very little about chiropractic care. I was even skeptical that a chiropractor could help me, but I thought it surely couldn’t hurt. What did I have to lose?         I was 32 years old with 5 children and I was at the point of being disabled. I had been sent from one doctor to another. Then, after about a year of many different tests, I was told that I had multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. A neurologist prescribed many different kinds of medication to me. One was Vioxx which made me swell up. The muscle relaxers didn’t help any. The ice packs and hot packs didn’t help any. But I continued to get worse and worse and I continued to gain weight. I was also having severe neck pain that couldn’t be explained or relieved. I felt absolutely devastated. My low back hurt. I had severe headaches. I had tingling in my arms. My hands and feet felt cold all the time. My left leg felt weak. My neck had grinding, popping sounds in it every time I turned my head. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t do ordinary things like walking or bending because of the constant pain.     At my first visit with Dr. Hurst, I was amazed at how thorough he was and how he took the time to talk to me and answer my questions. He made me feel like a person, not a number! Dr. Hurst found that I had a vitamin B deficiency (which causes symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis) and my adrenal glands were not working up to par. I began a series of spinal adjustments and nutrients that Dr. Hurst recommended and within a week, I could see an improvement in the way I felt. With each continuing week, there was improvement. Today, I am medicine free, pain free, and feeling great! I have lost over 40 lbs. What a difference chiropractic care has made in my life! My only regret is that I didn’t hear about Dr. Hurst a long time ago. I cannot say enough to express my appreciation for the care and concern that Dr. Hurst has shown to me. He has given back to me a part of my life that I thought was over! Thank you, Dr. Hurst
Tracy Martin  (Age 32)  Spencer, TN  2/15/05

When I came into Dr. Hurst’s office I was in severe pain to the point I felt like throwing up. I had tried my family M.D. and they only gave me pills that made me sleepy, but didn’t take care of the pain. I knew I had to do something because I was getting to where I couldn’t work. My vision was blurred and I couldn’t keep my balance. I could not concentrate. I could not sleep. I had no energy. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Hurst I am beginning to feel like a whole person again. My vision is improving. I was having problems with glaucoma in one of my eyes and it’s better since I’ve been getting chiropractic adjustments. I’m getting better all over. I have hope now that I will soon be able to completely enjoy my life again. My strength is improving; what took two hands before now only takes one hand! My memory is improving. I had become depressed from so much pain that I had become withdrawn. For the first time in over eight years I don’t have to take my Previsid for indigestion and heartburn. I also have more energy and I can think more clearly. Every thing is starting to improve now. I look forward to the day when I can go to the store without pain. I am smiling more now. Thank you, Dr. Hurst, for caring.
Jeanie Mason  McMinnville, TN  1/24/2008


To Whom It May Concern:
When I first came to Dr. Hurst my hip, groin, knee and legs hurt all the time. It started two years ago and, at first, it would come and go. But then it didn’t leave and it steadily got worse. It made my days miserable and I couldn’t sleep very well because of the pain. Now that I’ve been getting treatments from Dr. Hurst my pain has decreased tremendously! I have good days and bad days, but I’m getting better with each treatment. I’m able to do things now without pain all the time and I am so grateful for that because I used to be in pain all the time.

Steve Wilcher  McMinnville, TN  3/3/2008


Thank you, Dr. Hurst, for the relief you have given me. They have helped me to recover my health again. I am now off of four prescriptions that I could not get off of before. Chiropractic has helped my neck; my back; and my feet and legs. It has lowered my blood pressure. It has helped my shoulders. I would say to anyone who wants to get better health to come to Dr. Hurst! It doesn’t matter how old you are or how bad you’re hurting. Through him I got my health back. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Virginia Swann    McMinnville, TN   4/9/2008


Every time I leave here I feel like a fine upstanding citizen!
Thomas Berry   McMinnville, TN   3/15/2008


My name is Carma Jacklet. I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Hurst for about 3 months now and I am doing much better. Before going to him I felt so hopeless as far as my health was concerned. I actually found out, after I first went to him, that my back was much worse than I realized. My back didn’t hurt that much except when I would walk too much, but my knees were so painful. I did not want to move any more than I had to at times. Now I can get around easier. I have so much more desire to get more accomplished each day. He has also helped me to know how to move more correctly and he has suggested some nutritional products that have really helped me. He has been such a great help in answering so many questions. I am eager to keep trying to improve my health. He has made simple suggestions about getting the correct pillow, a firmer mattress and even the right inserts for my shoes. All of these helped me greatly. The inserts have helped so much to take stress off my knees. I encourage anyone to give this kind of treatment with Dr. Hurst a try and never give in to pain.
Carma Jacklet    McMinnville, TN   4/23/2008


Since 1989 I have seen, heard, and experienced different aspects of chiropractic care with remarkable results. I have had low back pain, neck pain, allergies…and the list goes on. But, with chiropractic treatments I am able to work with a LOT less pain or no pain at all. Recently, Dr. Hurst noticed I was having problems with allergies. Every spring my allergies and all the symptoms (red itchy eyes, nasal congestion, itchy scratchy throat, sneezing and coughing) would flare up and I felt and looked absolutely terrible. But after Dr. Hurst started the treatments for my allergies, I feel so much better. I actually do NOT dread the pollen of spring like I used to. I actually enjoy spring now!    I appreciate Dr. Hurst’s knowledge of the spine and the care he gives his patients. And when you walk into his office you are greeted with smiles and kindness. Dr. Hurst has a wonderful staff that also cares for their patients. Thanks to you all.
Wilma Sullivan  McMinnville, TN  5/20/2008

“You may ask, ‘Can chiropractic care help me?’ The answer is, ‘Yes!’ I have been a patient of Dr. Rickey Hurst for over 14 years. Chiropractic treatments have helped me overcome back and neck pain as well as foot pain. And my allergies have improved tremendously! Dr. Hurst uses a technique called Applied Kinesiology to find weaknesses in your back, neck, internal organs, and nervous system. He supports his spinal adjustments with good, whole nutritional supplements and, sometimes, magnet therapy. Dr. Hurst is a licensed, trained professional who will help you. Don’t be afraid to give chiropractic care a try. You will feel better if you give it a chance. Call Dr. Hurst and set up an appointment. Your body will be glad you did.”
Donna Pelham McMinnville, TN

“My name is Jared Kirby and I’m twenty years old. I have been an allergy sufferer all of my life. Red burning eyes and a stuffy or runny nose were just part of everyday life. But with just a few visits and special nutritional supplements, I no longer have to deal with my allergies. Dr. Hurst also alleviated my headaches, leg cramps, muscle spasms in my back, and many other things. I highly recommend him.
Jared Kirby McMinnville, TN

“For people with constant pain: During August 2002, I was experiencing some pain through my right leg that went all the way down to my toes. I did not know what the pain was. Therefore, I went to my medical doctor. He thought that it might be my sciatic nerve that was causing me pain. I could not walk for an extended amount of time due to the pain. I tried to elevate my leg when I was at home, but that only provided a little relief. The relief was only because I was just not on my feet. My doctor referred me to an orthopedic doctor that specialized in the symptoms I was experiencing. Upon hearing how I was feeling, this doctor wanted me to have an MRI to get to the root cause of the problem. It revealed that I had a protruding disk causing the sciatic nerve to be aggravated. The prognosis was one of three things: live with the pain, have injections of steroids in my spine every 1-2 months, or back surgery. My mom suggested to me to see what a chiropractor might say about my situation. Anything would beat the options I was given. I called Dr. Hurst and made an appointment for a Saturday morning. My husband went with me to see what he would say. I felt so much better after leaving his office after just one visit. He assured me that he could not make the problem go away quickly, but in time, he could. After several treatments, the pain down my leg was gone. A few suggestions that he made, such as arch supports in my shoes, were keys to helping my situation. I really believe that his treatments helped me to avoid surgery. I also have been developing sinus problems these past several years, and that has gone away too. I am now in maintenance care where I go once a month, but, considering the alternative, I would go once a month forever rather than deal with having back surgery. If you are having any symptoms where your alternative is back surgery due to a protruding or herniated disk, think twice. I did, and I am so glad I did.”
Amy Bush McMinnville, TN

My name is Teresa King and I work at the Warren County Jail. I have been suffering with what a couple of doctors had told me was a frozen shoulder. I did not have good range of motion in my left shoulder and it was very painful at night while I tried to sleep. As time passed it became more and more difficult to do certain things with my arm in the shape it was in. Doctors had suggested to me to follow an exercise routine, take anti-inflammatory medication and if that doesn’t help I might be looking at cortizone injections in my shoulder and/or possibly surgery. Well I did the exercises for a while, took the anti-inflammatory medication for a while, but was getting no relief. I did not want the surgery and my shoulder was not getting any better. Several of my co-workers had been seeing Dr. Hurst for various problems and suggested I see him. I was very skeptical and would not go. Finally a co-worker was going to see him and I said to please make me an appointment. After my first visit I could see why my co-workers all recommended him. Dr. Hurst and Amy are wonderful people, very nice, professional and very caring. I talked to Dr. Hurst about my problem and he thought he could help me. It was on my fourth or fifth visit that he did some test or adjustment and, to my surprise, when he asked me to raise my arm I was able to do it. I had not been able to raise my arm so freely in two years or longer. I was so excited and grateful. I would recommend Dr. Hurst to anyone. I am able to raise my arm and I had no injections and no surgery. I still have some pain in my shoulder, but I feel my shoulder is finally free and I expect the pain to leave in time as I am able to work my shoulder.
Teresa King McMinnville, TN

To anyone who wants to feel better,
            The arch in my left foot had been very painful and ached for about a month or six weeks. My sister had been a patient of Dr. Hurst’s for some time. She told me one day, after an office visit, that she was putting more weight on one foot than the other. So I thought this may be my problem. On Feb. 28, 2000, I made an appointment with Dr. Hurst. He told me my back was the cause of my arch hurting. He gave me a treatment and I felt better immediately. I’m 56 years old and I thought my stiffness was just part of aging. For several years, after going to bed, during the night, I would get up at least twice and go sit in the recliner and sleep awhile and then go back to bed. My hip joints would hurt. The night after my first treatment I slept all night! It was the best night’s sleep I had had in years. My neck isn’t stiff anymore and my foot is much better. It hardly hurts at all. For years when I would go get my hair done, I couldn’t get my neck back in the wash basin. I thought it was arthritis and aging. After having treatments on Monday and Wednesday, on Thursday I had a hair appointment. I had no problem at all getting my head and neck back into the wash sink. It’s amazing!  I’m still getting treatments, but I’m doing so much better and feel so much. It’s wonderful! Chiropractic treatment is a preferred alternative to medicine.

Hannah Romans

Dear Dr. Hurst,
            I am delighted to relate to you and your staff that we (my wife and I) have great confidence in chiropractic. In fact, I have been receiving chiropractic treatments quite regularly since May 1943. I feel that the best health insurance one can have is to get these treatments regularly after their health problems have been helped. One should have a treatment at least once a month. This past summer I began having terrible pains in my left shoulder which went up the side of my neck and into the back of my head, and I could hardly turn my head either way, and I had such a terrible headache. After two treatments from our kind, patient and thorough Dr. Hurst, I felt like a new man. Dr. Hurst is one of the best I’ve ever been to and I have taken treatments from several chiropractors in three different states. My wife, Eva, has been treated by medical doctors for quite some time, but she’s steadily getting worse – even to the extent that her nerves were in bad shape. She is now taking a series of treatments from Dr. Hurst and she is regaining her wanted and needed health. She says Dr. Hurst is so helpful, gentle and kind that a person cannot help but get better. Both of us highly recommend Dr. Hurst for most any ailment such as sinus troubles, arthritis, heart, lung, and back problems and for one’s health in general. Thank God for chiropractors.
Most Sincerely,

A.W. Potter   (he passed away in 2003 at the age of  95)

When I first started seeing Dr. Hurst, I was very sick. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myasthenia Gravis (MG). I was told by many doctors that I would not be able to work again. They said I should sign up for disability. I never planned on retiring at age 70 and I sure didn't plan on this. Dr. Hurst has been a life saver.  I suffered from neck pain, back pain, cold hands and feet, stomach problems, cold sweats and constipation. There were times when I could not use certain muscles; they simply had no strength. Some days the MG would affect my speech, make me unable to eat, and even unable to swallow; I WAS SCARED. But Dr. Hurst never gave up on me. He just kept on working on me. I can't tell you how many times that I just wanted to give up, but Dr. Hurst never gave up on me. He would tell my friend, Donna, to tell me to get back to his office to see him. I hurt so badly sometimes that I could not get out of bed. I was also going through some difficult times. My life wasn't just a wreck physically; it was also a wreck emotionally and financially. I could not have made it without Dr. Hurst and God. I now work full time (40 hours a week) and I enjoy my time with my five granddaughters. I am forever indebted to you, Dr. Hurst. Oh, yeah, Amy has been an angel too. Thank you so much for all you have done. God bless you.
Susan Bowdoin

My name is Anthony. I do not like doctors and insurance companies. For the last 5 to 6 years I have had to see a LOT of doctors for my back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, head, stomach; you name it.  One day my neck was hurting severely and I decided to try a chiropractor. Doctor Hurst got me in  quickly and I started feeling better almost immediately. In a short period of time I started feeling like a new man. I also had trouble with allergies and asthma for which I was taking several medications. I had no idea that a chiropractor could help such problems, but Doctor Hurst actually fixed the problem instead of just covering it up with medications. I no longer have to take any medications. I don’t know about all chiropractors, but I recommend Doctor Hurst to everyone I can. I still don’t like insurance companies, but I now know at least one doctor I do like!
Anthony Sorren, Jr.

To any one out there with pain in your hands; there is hope. If you had told me I could be free from pain in my hands through chiropractic care, I would not have thought that you understood my problem.
I began coming to Dr. Hurst with much pain in my hands and fingers; especially in my thumbs. Today I am writing this to testify and encourage others that you too can be set free from pain through chiropractic and nutritional care. Before coming to Dr. Hurst I could not use my hands without pain accompanying any movement. I had been to medical doctors and I had been through painful tests. There was no other solution, I was told, except surgery. Since I started coming to Dr. Hurst my hands and fingers have improved 90%!!!
I am so grateful and thankful to God for the amazing pain free hands and fingers I am enjoying using each day. Thank you, Dr. Hurst, Mrs. Hurst, Amy and Sarah for your wonderful chiropractic care here in McMinnville.

Karen Morrison

I came to Dr. Hurst for help with my low back pain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and fatigue. I had been taking hormone replacement medication for 13 years. My low back had been hurting for two months. Dr. Hurst and his staff were very professional and friendly. What I liked most about Dr. Hurst’s care was his concern for me and the results. There are so many health conditions that Dr. Hurst is able to help. I also love the fact that my cures were all natural and no drugs were prescribed. It took time to see results, but it took a LOT more time for my problems to develop. I under- stood that it would take time and it was worth it! I am now pain free and I feel better than I have in a LONG time! I feel it is very important to have confidence and trust in your doctor to have successful results. Don’t put it off. You’ll be so thankful for choosing Dr. Hurst as your chiropractor. I know I am. Thank you, Dr. Hurst!
Janice Bradshaw

I have had neck and shoulder pain since a ditch caved in on me at a construction site back in April of 1986. I was in a coma for 5 days after this accident. I also permanently blinded my left eye, cracked 4 ribs, and fractured my pelvis and hip. I couldn’t sleep very well. The vision in my good eye was blurred. I became dependent on morphine for several months after the accident. I was taking Valium for my nerves and Soma for my muscle spasms. I felt tired all the time. I’ve been on total disability since the accident. A friend of mine at church recommended that I go to Dr. Hurst for my neck and shoulder pain. After my 3rd treatment my neck felt better, my vision was not blurred, and my back pain was 50% better. I went from sleeping 2-4 hours a night to 6-8 hours! After 3 more treatments my vision continued to improve, I wasn’t as tired all the time, and my arms and legs got stronger. My neck still hurts a little, but nothing like it used to. I have gone to other chiropractors but they never explained how my spinal problems can cause vision problems and my other symptoms. I am on maintenance care now to keep my spine in alignment so that I can keep my health and stay relatively pain free. With Dr. Hurst’s treatments my arthritis and pain is better and my joints feel looser. I highly recommend Dr. Hurst to anyone!
Lonnie Thaxton

My name is Jamie and I am 26 years old. Despite my "youth" I had issues beyond my years. As far as my overall health was, I could not eat. For more than a month I "lost" everything I tried to eat. I had no appetite. I was losing weight. I was tired and weak. I was irritable and emotional. My back and neck hurt. I had headaches.
I decided to attack one symptom at a time. I went to the eye doctor and got glasses to help with my headaches. Next, I went to the chiropractor for my neck and back issues. Last, I went to the medical doctor for my digestive issues. Dr. Hurst (doctor of chiropractic) told me my spine connected my brain to everything and that my spinal problems would explain all the other problems, but I had trouble seeing it that way so off to the medical doctor I went. I had every test and x-ray imaginable. I was pinched and poked and prodded. I was miserable! Then, the lab technician called me after my results were in and he said, "Hey! Good news! The results all look normal. You're fine!" Okay? I was definitely NOT fine!!! I was ready to trust Dr. Hurst and see where chiropractic care would take me. Many doctors treat symptoms the way I was prepared to treat them: one thing at a time. The truth is our bodies were not meant to be one piece or one function at a time. Our bodies are whole and connected and we need to treat them as such. Chiropractic takes the whole body and whole person into consideration. I feel terrific now! I have been going to Dr. Hurst for two months now. My "military" neck is improving. My back pains are gone. I can't remember the last time I had this much energy! I am able to exercise and enjoy life again. My moods have balanced out. Most important, I am able to eat again!  Dr. Hurst listened to all of my symptoms. He assisted me in taking a whole body approach to health and he continues to assist me in keeping my health (and even in making health improvements). I can't fully express my appreciation! Health-wise, I am 26 again!

Jamie Hitchcock   

When I was about 16 years old I broke my right leg in a car accident. I had a metal rod put in my right femur that had to later be removed surgically after my leg had healed. About 5 or 6 six years ago I fell off a roof and was knocked unconscious. Since this fall I have suffered from low back pain, right knee pain and moderate headaches. My low back and right knee hurt so much that I could not walk far without the use of a walker. I lived on Percosets and morphine because of the pain and they only made the pain barely tolerable. Because of the pain medication I was always constipated.  I had to take medication to sleep. I also took two medications for bipolar disorder. My wife made me an appointment to see Dr. Hurst. After a month of treatment my pain was about 30% less than it was at the beginning. My general strength improved and my wife and mother and friends remarked favorably on my progress. About six weeks into my treatment I was able to begin to get off the morphine I had been taking for years. About two months into my treatment I was able to quit the morphine completely! By three months I was able to walk a mile a day. About four months after I began treatment I am now about 80% better WITHOUT ANY DRUGS! Other "doctors" told me that I would be on medications for the rest of my life without surgery (and I did NOT want surgery). Dr. Hurst has proven to me that he will be able to get me OFF all my medications with NO surgery!!!
James N. Jones

I was in pain in my right low back, hip and leg for years and it was getting worse. It hurt at times all the way to the toes of my right foot. The pain would get worse the longer I was on my feet. Sitting for more than 15 minutes made my hip and leg hurt more too. I even got some cortisone shots and they didn’t help. I lived on muscle relaxers and pain pills which at least kept the pain almost bearable.   I work at the post office and I have to lift packages as heavy as 70 lbs. Every day was a chore to get through and I was seriously wondering if I could last another 4 years until retire- ment. I had previously tried a chiropractor for my pain but I didn’t get very good results. A friend and coworker recommended that I go to see Dr. Hurst.
I am SO GLAD I took her advice and went to see Dr. Hurst! My pain is now 60% better WITHOUT any pain pills or muscle relaxers! My anxiety attacks are gone. My heart palpitations are gone. And I’m sure I can last another 4 years until retirement now!  Dr. Hurst and his staff are so friendly and they all genuinely care about me as a person.

Joyce Dixon 

I hated to see weather changes because, when it changed, I hurt more in my neck, upper back, left shoulder and knee. I also hurt more in the morning than any other time of the day. My hands were numb and painful and my knees and ankles popped all the time. I was on Sertraline for my nerves; Lisinoprine for my high blood pressure; and Lovastatin for my high cholesterol. My ankles were swollen, especially at night. My daughter convinced me to go see Dr. Hurst since he had helped her so much. I felt a good difference after my very first adjustment. By my 6th adjustment I was feeling 70% better! Today I have slight pain in my left shoulder and slight tingling in my left hand. The pain in my neck and shoulder is much less even when the weather changes! I have more energy. I've only had four weeks of treatment so I expect more improvement with time. Thank you, Dr. Hurst, for making my life better.
Arlene Beaty  

For three years I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain. On a rare occasion I would experience pain down my left arm. I suffered from severe sinus headaches. Many times they were so bad they'd make my eyes twitch. Three years ago I had surgery on my left foot for heel spurs. The surgery didn't help the pain much at all. A little over a year ago I had surgery on my left knee after a work related accident. My knee still hurt.
I couldn't sleep. I couldn't ride a bicycle. I couldn't run. I was tired all the time. I was in pain every day. Then my mother and my sister suggested that I see Dr. Hurst because he had helped them so much. I could feel an improvement after my first adjustment. After my third adjustment I could tell an improvement in my left foot; it wasn't nearly as sensitive as it used to be!  Now the pain in my foot is gone! Dr. Hurst and his staff are so friendly. Dr. Hurst is great! If only I had gone to him three years ago!

Darlene Montgomery 

For 2 ½ LONG years I suffered pain in my back; in my hips; in my feet. I couldn't lay on my right side without hurting. I not only had pain in my feet, but I had that "pins and needles" feeling in my feet. I had pain in my stomach just below my breast bone. The pain, especially in my feet, was constant. My feet hurt more whenever I was on them. The days were so long when you're in pain. I was having serious doubts about being able to reach retirement in just a few more years. I went to a podiatrist. I went to an orthopaedic doctor. I went to medical doctors. I've tried steroid injections and anti- inflammatory prescriptions. I tried inserts in my shoes. I even tried two different chiropractors; one of them was in Nashville (yes, I live in Nashville and I work in Lebanon). Nothing worked. Nothing helped. I was still miserable. Then a friend suggested I go see Dr. Hurst so I made an appointment to see him. Dr. Hurst and his staff were so good to me and they were so responsible and caring. After my very 1st adjustment my feet hardly hurt for 4 WHOLE DAYS!!! After just a few weeks my feet aren't hurting anymore. I don't have to wear the shoe inserts (Dr. Hurst discovered that they were hurting me more than they were helping!). I had a problem in my left wrist and it's better now. That pain under my breast bone is gone. He discovered some gall bladder problems and Dr. Hurst put me on some whole food nutrients. I feel SOOO much better! I recommend Dr. Hurst to anyone with ANY kind of pain! Thank you, Dr. Hurst!
Faye Anderson  

For over 20 years I have suffered with varying degrees of neck pain; low back pain; shoulder pain; jaw pain; knee pain; headaches; and mid back pain. I went through all medicine had to offer which was nothing but pain pills, muscle relaxers and steroids. The pain never went away, but it was worse if I wasn't taking some kind of prescription drug. The pain pills also gave me stomach problems and made me dizzy and light headed. I could not enjoy life. All I ever had to look forward to each day was another day of pain. I went to Dr. Hurst and he changed all that. I look forward to going to his office for a treatment because I know that, when I leave, I'll be feeling better. After a series of treatments my low back and neck and mid back felt so much better. Then, the other day, he adjusted my jaw. When I got home I cried because, for the 1st time in over 20 YEARS my jaw didn't hurt!!! Dr. Hurst and his staff are so friendly and courteous and caring. I tell everyone about Dr. Hurst. My sister, who lives in Oklahoma City, is thinking about coming to McMinnville just to see Dr. Hurst.
Mandy Gipson   

I have suffered from neck pain and back pain for years. I was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. I suffered from depression. I was a patient of Dr. Hurst's back in the mid 90's before he learned the new techniques he uses now. I had a breast reduction in 2003 and I thought that would fix my back and neck problems, but the back and neck pain and stiffness got worse. I was given muscle relaxers and pain pills and nerve pills. None of them helped. They just covered up problems and I had a lot more than I thought. After I began Dr. Hurst's  chiropractic treatments again, the relief was wonderful and amazing!!! I’m calmer now. My pain is 90% gone. I have more energy. I feel like I have just opened my eyes to a new world of health WITHOUT DRUGS!! Dr. Hurst and his staff are SO excellent! They are so pleasant, kind and understanding! I feel like I'm being CARED for now! I feel confident about my treatment! Dr. Hurst and his staff are all very positive and concerned about you and how you feel! I recommend Dr. Hurst to anyone. GO! Just once! You'll see I'm right. You have to treat your body as a whole; not just parts of it. Thank you all for being so great! You gave me back my life and my confidence and hope for a great pain free future without drugs or surgery!!!
Sherry L. Reed          

I had severe pain in my left shoulder for the past two months. I also suffered from low back pain and allergies to bananas, figs, and cashews for years. I also had numbness and tingling down to my left wrist and pain at times down my right leg to the heel. I tried physical therapy for my low back pain and I took Ibuprofen about every day. I couldn't exercise like I wanted to. It also interfered with my sleep and my activities with my grandson. Dr. Hurst and his staff were very friendly and courteous. He was very thorough in his evaluation and treatment of my conditions. My back is a lot better now as well as my shoulder and I can now eat bananas, figs and cashews!!! And I LOVE BANANAS!!!  I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Joan Chandler  

I fell and landed on my right shoulder and arm. For five weeks my arm and shoulder was very sore and it was painful to raise my arm. I also had pain in both my legs; hot flashes; painful menstruations; high blood pressure; and nervousness/depression.  Also I couldn't walk like I used to; it hurt to swing my arm. I even had trouble opening jars. Dr. Hurst found that my collar bone was subluxated (out of alignment) in addition to several vertebrae in my neck. I felt some improvement with the first treatment. With his treatments I have improved in other areas as well as my main problem which was my right arm and shoulder pain. Dr. Hurst also helped my allergies. I had allergies to ragweed, golden rod, cat hair, white flour and whole wheat flour. Dr. Hurst removed them all! I would recommend Dr. Hurst to anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Christine Keaton

My back hurt. My shoulder hurt. My right wrist hurt. My neck hurt. I had headaches. I had high blood pressure; swollen ankles; poor circulation; chest pains; difficulty breathing and a chronic cough and wheezing. I suffered from stomach problems and acid reflux. I suffered for over ten years with my right wrist pain. I have an invalid son who depends on me for help and my problems were seriously interfering with my ability to help him. Now I’m happy to say that my wrist feels so much better; my neck and back feel so much better; my headaches are better; and my stomach is better! Dr. Hurst and his staff were so friendly. They always had a smile on their face.
My only regret with Dr. Hurst’s treatments was not coming to him years ago!!! I highly recommend Dr. Hurst. If you need a ride, I’ll take you! He made a huge difference in my wrist pain and in my life. Please go. Just give it a try.

James S. Cooper

I had severe low back pain every day. I also suffered from hot flashes and neck soreness. In 1990 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as the reason for my balance problems. I had to walk slowly and carefully or I'd fall. My low back pain and neck soreness would always get worse toward the end of the day. I would have to take Advil or Tylenol just to make it through each day. I suffered through this for 2-3 years until I went to Dr. Hurst. Now my low back doesn't hurt and my hot flashes are better; they're less frequent and less severe (without hormone replacement Rx's!!!)  My balance is better too. Either Dr. Hurst's treatments help multiple sclerosis or my MD was wrong in his diagnosis of my condition. Dr. Hurst and his staff are very professional and caring. The visits to his office were pleasant with great results! I TOTALLY would recommend Dr. Hurst. You would not be sorry if you went!
Joyce Mullican

When I first came to Dr. Hurst's office, I suffered from Bell's Palsy for over 10 years. I also had problems with low back pain and pain/numbness in my right leg for 3-4 years. In addition I had carpal tunnel problems, right knee pain, gout in my left foot and diabetes. I love to sew and I couldn't sew and I couldn't stand or walk without pain. For my Bell's Palsy I had been to two neurologists who arranged for me physical therapy which did not help. (Bell's Palsy is a paralysis of the facial nerve [VII Cranial nerve] which affects only one side of the face 99% of the time. It causes a drawing of the mouth to one side and difficulty closing the eyelids on the affected side and difficulty in closing the mouth on the affected side.) Dr. Hurst's staff is really friendly. Dr. Hurst explains everything including what my x-rays showed about my conditions.  What I liked most about my care in Dr. Hurst's office is the fact that he listens to my problems and then he works on them. I could feel a difference in my face after the first adjustment!  It has continued to improve. My family has even noticed the difference! Also my low back pain has improved. The pain and numbness in my right leg has improved. My right knee pain has improved. Dr. Hurst is very friendly and does not promise to do more than the best he can do.
Iona King

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