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"My son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste."    PROVERBS 24:13

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Look for our label on our honey.


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          7 1/2" Honey Dipper made from Hardwood  $3.00

Hurry!  Only 1 left!

                                                 Shipping/Handling $1.50



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Large Votives Made From 100% Beeswax

$2.00 each + Shipping/Handling


White available by special order.


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10" Hand Dipped Tapers

100% Beeswax

$  6.00/pair + Shipping/Handling



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Honeystix filled with 100% Pure Clover Honey

$.25/each + Shipping/Handling



Coming Soon!

Hand Rolled 100% Pure Beeswax Candles    SOLD OUT

Cinnamon Honey Spread   SOLD OUT

100 % Pure Tennessee Wildflower Honey    SOLD OUT


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8 oz. Muth jar filled with 100% Tennessee Wildflower Honey   SOLD OUT

Unique honey jar made from an early 1900's mold. Square with embossed skep, and cork top.



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12 oz. Angel squeeze filled with 100 % Tennessee Wildflower Honey    SOLD OUT

John 3:16 embossed on the back of the container.



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Classic jar of 100% Tennessee Wildflower Honey   SOLD OUT

1 pound or 2 pound



 beesqueeze.jpg (7510 bytes)

1 pound  Honeybee Squeeze Container   SOLD OUT